Quarter Sovereign

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As one of the smallest gold bullion coins produced by The Royal Mint, 1/4 Sovereigns offer a great way to make a small investment in gold, and are often chosen as a gift option.

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Gold Quarter Sovereign

The gold Quarter Sovereign is one of the smallest gold bullion coins produced by The Royal Mint. As the name would suggest it contains 1/4 of the gold content - 1.82 grams - compared to the standard Sovereign. Like the bigger coins, the Quarter Sovereigns are produced with 22 karat gold, following the tradition used by this series for over 200 years.

The gold Quarter Sovereign is only produced in certain years, most often in Proof form rather than as a bullion coin. It's smaller size does see a larger premium than the full Sovereign, with 4 Quarter Sovereigns costing more than a single Sovereign despite them containing the same amount of gold. As such the Quarter Sovereign would typically be considered by investors on a budget, or for someone looking to give a charming gift.

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