Silver to Platinum Ratio for Last 6 Months

Current Ratio


6 Month Change

+0.00311 +13.54%

6 Month high 0.02732

6 Month low 0.02296

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Silver : Platinum Ratio

The silver to platinum ratio expresses the relationship between the price of silver and the price of platinum. In addition to being precious metals, both silver and platinum have various industrial uses that affect their prices and cause the ratio to fluctuate.

In the last decade the ratio has risen, meaning that the prices have moved closer together. This was mainly influenced by the silver price soaring during the global economic crisis, but has also been helped significantly by a bearish platinum market in the last 5 years.

6 Month Ratio

The last six months has seen the ratio begin to increase once more as platinum struggles to match silver's recent rise. While not yet quite at 2011's peak of approximately 0.025, the last six months has seen the ratio rise to around 0.017, making a platinum bar worth approximately the same as 59 silver bars.