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Gold Price Today

Check the gold price today with our fast-loading, accurate charts. For many bullion investors thinking of making a purchase, or for those wishing to see how their investment is performing, the gold price today chart will prove sufficient to gain a snapshot of how the precious metal is performing. For those who are looking for an even more current price, our live gold price chart is available, updating every five seconds.

The gold price today is quoted in the traditional troy ounces measurement (31.1 grams), in Dollars. The chart can be customised however to show other currencies, and weights, for a full range of key figures for our customers.

Current Gold Price

The current gold price is most commonly referred to as spot price, and is updated every few minutes throughout the day. This provides a global guide price for an ounce/gram of this precious metal. With the current gold price you can make an informed decision about whether now is the right time to buy/sell your holdings. Below the chart you can also set up price alerts; with customisable targets suitable for your needs. Save yourself the time of checking for today's gold price too regularly, with the knowledge our system will email you to inform you if your goal is met.

Gold Price Today in USA

The gold price today in the USA is the global standard, with the precious metal priced against the Dollar. This means that any economical/political issues impacting the Dollar can also have an effect on gold; a stronger Dollar causing gold to drop, and vice versa. Many savvy investors will therefore check the gold price to see what impact any news in the USA is having on the gold price. As well as the gold price today in the USA we also offer Euros (€) and Sterling (£) for any international visitors or those looking to see how world events are also impacting currency fluctuations and the precious metals market.