Platinum to Silver Ratio for Last 3 Years

Current Ratio


3 Year Change

+3.12 +8.61%

3 Year high 49.84

3 Year low 34.35

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Platinum : Silver 3 Year

The above chart shows us the platinum: silver ratio for the last three years. This is a useful ratio that shows us the relationship between the respective spot prices of the two metals.

This can be very helpful for an investor as it allows us to compare the current ratio with its historical average. Looking at the platinum : silver ratio, we can see that in the last three years platinum has been unusually cheap. While platinum has usually been worth more than 75 times the price of silver throughout history, in the last three years this ratio has had very few sustained periods above 70. To put this into perspective, while a platinum bar was often able to buy more than 100 silver bars of the same size in the past, in February 2016 the same bar would now only be worth around 60 silver bars. Depending on their confidence in platinum as an asset, then, an investor may view this as an opportunity to purchase platinum before the ratio increases once again to previously high levels.