Platinum to Silver Ratio for Last 3 Months

Current Ratio


3 Month Change

-3.15 -7.88%

3 Month high 43.53

3 Month low 36.72

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Platinum : Silver 3 Month Ratio

The platinum : silver ratio is calculated by dividing the platinum price by the silver price and tells us how much a certain weight of platinum costs in comparison with the same amount of silver.

It is a very important tool for bullion investors who are trying to decide which of the two would be a better investment. By looking at charts such as the one above we can assess whether or not a certain metal can be considered good value at its current price in comparison with other metals.

For example, platinum has always cost more than silver due to it being vastly more difficult to find. However, the current ratio shows their prices to be far closer than the historical average. An investor might therefore deduct from this that platinum is currently undervalued and has the potential to return to a much higher price in the future.