Why Buy Physical Gold?

At BullionByPost we believe that owning physical gold is the best way to invest in gold. Other options can sometimes sound appealing, but carry many risks that undermine the key benefits of gold as an asset. So why buy physical gold?

There really are numerous benefits and advantages of owning physical gold over electronic gold or paper gold. Despite more than a decade having passed since the Great Recession, there is still instability in the banking system; volatile currency markets, soaring inflation and slowing growth are all seemingly here to stay following the pandemic and ongoing conflict in Europe.

Buy Gold - Buy Physical Gold Bullion

Gold offers a welcome safeguard to turbulence. Physical gold is a timeless asset which will always
have a value and always lasts the test of time. Physical gold provides the ultimate insurance for your
against any future financial crisis in an underperforming wider economy.

In September 2008, the former Chancellor Alistair Darling announced that people were only 2 hours
away from not being able to withdraw their own money from British banks. At the height of the
banking crisis, Darling elaborated that the near collapse of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) would
have inevitably and quickly spread to other banks if it wasn’t for a £50bn emergency bailout. That
statement alone is enough to send chills down your spine.

Despite numerous safeguards to improve the safety and regulation of banks, 2020 has shown how
quickly an unexpected global catastrophe can change the economic outlook. Trillions pumped into
the economy, and national debt reaching new peace-time records; these measures may have ensured
the short-term continuation of the financial system, but has already seen inflation climbing to levels not
seen in decades, eroding the value of money kept in the banks.

Physical Gold vs ETFs

The old adage of 'if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it' is particularly relevant here. Physical gold offers you that layer of protection and security which Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) do not.

A gold ETF is an exchange traded fund with gold being the principle and only commodity being traded. Similar to the banking crisis, ETF companies are vulnerable, unpredictable and controlled outside your hands.

An ETF may not have fully physical backing, potentially selling more gold than they have access to. In times of high demand, where customers may wish to take delivery of physical bullion this will then no longer be available to them. Even with those companies that do have full physical allocation, your assets are still being managed by another company, adding third-party risk to your investment. Back in September 2011, the ETF company London Gold Exchange closed their website stating that they were permanently closed for business.

With physical gold bullion, this would not affect you directly as you aren’t relying on any third party individual or company to look after your wealth for you, and can sell it to any company or individual you choose. With physical gold, you hold it, you have the responsibility; you are in control of your own wealth which is the ultimate way of preserving your assets and protecting yourself and your loved ones from financial ruin if the worst case scenario did happen.


While physical gold is a safe haven, we would not advise you to allocate your entire portfolio to gold. Physical gold should offer a new dimension to your wealth portfolio, perhaps initially investing only 5-10% of your liquid wealth. Many investors later choose to allocate higher percentages in the future but we find 5-10% is an ideal starting point. We encourage investors to spread their wealth. Portfolio diversification is an intelligent way to protect your wealth and spread risk. Just as property was a good place to invest before the 2007 crash, gold is a solid investment now. We would advise against effectively putting all your eggs into one basket as physical gold is the best way of hedging your other investments.

Spreading your investment interests across stocks, property and precious metals is a wise, low-risk way to manage your portfolio. If your stocks are underperforming, the likelihood is the gold price will over perform. It’s worth noting though, that if your short-term outlook for the wider economy is very positive, then keep your gold investment to a minimum, as it would be expected that the gold price may take a knock as the world economy recovers and begins to grow at a greater pace. It is an unlikely scenario where all investments will be buoyant at any one time; successful investors identify the right markets at the right time, with physical gold being a great exception to that rule as it is such a long term investment, there is never a bad time to own it.

History doesn't lie:

It's no surprise that a bullion company would advise everybody to hold a small amount of physical gold, but we do so with the stats to back our recommendation up.

Historical data illustrates how the gold price has consistently and successfully outperformed many other investments. However, if a safe, low-risk investment is not for you, then ETFs offer a more speculative investment alternative. Another option is to delve into the best of both worlds: speculate on the price of gold via a gold ETF as well as buying some physical gold to spread and reduce the element of risk.

There is still a misconception you have to be infinitely wealthy to buy gold bullion. This is very much a British position and misconception; in countries like Germany, Austria, Turkey, and Russia, who have all experienced economic collapse in recent history, it is very common to hold physical gold bars and physical gold coins no matter what social demographic you fall into. India also, throughout history, has been a nation who position gold as a safe haven and an excellent way of protecting and preserving wealth.

Storage & safe keeping:

Most investors happily and safely store their bullion at home; after all, that is one of the major advantages of gold bar and coin physical ownership. We would advise that you take certain measures to avoid compromising the security of your investment. Firstly, don’t take any unnecessary risks: keep it to yourself. Avoid telling family, friends, and work colleagues that you have gold on the premises as you never know who's listening or who might find out. Insure your gold if you feel more comfortable and / or look into buying a small home safe for extra peace of mind; ideally one which can be hidden in the floor or wall.

Alternatively, be creative. Remember - gold is easy to hide. Due to its significant value you have to own millions of pounds worth before storage becomes a real issue. Hide it in the loft, cellar, in the wall, under the floorboards, in a shoe box under the bed... the options are endless. The challenge is to hide it in the kind of place an intruder would not easily have access to if you were unfortunate enough to be burgled. If you’d rather not keep your gold within arm’s reach then you could consider hiring a safety deposit box from a bank.

When you feel the time is right to sell your physical gold, realising your investment is just as simple as offloading your gold ETF. There are a host of reputable gold bullion dealers in the US who buy and sell millions of pounds worth of gold every week. We’d advise you conduct research online and call up where you will be immediately offered a price for you bullion based on the current global gold spot price.

It’s worth noting the bullion dealer who you purchased the gold from will often offer you the best price as part of their gold buy back service. Here at BullionByPost, if you brought your gold from us or another dealer we pay a price of 96% of the global spot price at the time of selling.

Physical Gold versus Gold ETFs

Physical Gold Gold ETFs
Control over your wealth No real control
Full ownership – if you don’t hold it… You never own any gold
Personal security and peace of mind Trust in a third party is required
Secure investment Speculative investment
Unique element to your portfolio Similar to any other share or fund
Low risk Higher risk
Crisis insurance Open to same risks as all investments
Timeless asset Not an asset
Keep for generations Too risky to keep for generations
Long term Short term
Potentially profitable Also potentially profitable

At BullionByPost we recommend everybody should own 5-10% of their liquid wealth in physical gold bars and coins. Whether you’re a pensioner with modest savings or a billionaire business tycoon, holding physical gold in your hands is a great way of safeguarding your own and your family's future.

For more information about the benefits and advantages of owning physical gold bullion, see our article in published in the Sunday Telegraph - Real wealth in your hands – Eurozone crisis drives record demand for physical gold.

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