5 Kilo Silver Bars

The 5 kilogram cast silver bullion bars are the largest silver bars we sell at BullionByPost. Primarily refined by Belgium's Umicore, these bars offer the best value for money gram-for-gram when investing in silver.

Cast bullion bars often feature imperfections, especially when compared to minted bars which are polished with a high sheen, but these 5kg silver bars are .999 purity fine silver and their condition does not impact upon their value as an asset. Prices shown include insured US shipping.

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5kg Silver Bar

The 5kg silver bar is the largest size we sell at BullionByPost, and offers the best price per gram, making it a firm favourite with investors looking for significant purchases of silver.

Umicore are our primary suppliers of 5kg silver bars. These Belgian refiners are one of the largest precious metal producers in the world today, and both their gold and silver bars are very popular with private investors, whilst also being listed on the LBMA's good delivery list for both metals. These silver bars are stamped '999 fine silver' and each has its own unique serial number.

Our Best Value 5 kilo silver bars offer even better pricing, with stock flexibility allowing us to potentially supply 5 x 1 kilo bars, or 1 x 5 kilo. This stock freedom allows us to pass on the savings to our customers, providing them with 5 kilos of silver at a great price.

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