Silver Krugerrand

The Krugerrand was the first one ounce bullion coin to be mass produced by a refiner, with South Africa making its name as one of the most prolific gold producing countries in the world. Since then, many other nations have created their own gold and silver coins, overtaking the South African Mint.

In 2017, a silver proof Krugerrand was issued as a limited-edition collectable. Its success led to the Mint producing a bullion edition in 2018 at .999 fineness, which it continued to do ever since. The silver Krugerrand bullion coin features the same classic design as the gold version, and prices shown include fully insured shipping.

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Krugerrand Silver

The Krugerrand silver coin, as with the gold variety, features the portrait of Paul Kruger on the obverse of the coin. Kruger was the first president of an independent South Africa; free from colonial British and Dutch rule.

The reverse of the coin bears the national animal of South Africa - the Springbok. This is a common antelope in Southern Africa as a whole, but particularly in South Africa itself.

Krugerrand silver coins are minted by the Rand Refinery, and are produced with pure 999 silver. As with their golden counterpart they have become an increasingly popular choice for investors and collectors despite the slightly higher premiums over some other coins.