American Eagles

American gold coins have become a mainstay of investment and numismatic circles. From the historic American Eagle gold coins, to the modern pure 24 carat American gold Buffalo coins, the US Mint has produced a vast number of coins in its history.

Below is our full selection of American gold coins, from older and proof collectibles, to modern bullion intended for investment. All of these US gold coins include fully insured delivery in the prices shown.

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American gold coins are produced by the US Mint. The first US Mint was located at Philadelphia, and four mints operate in American today - Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco, and West Point. Each mint has its own mint mark to identify where the coin is struck when producing commemorative/proof coins; P, D, S and W respectively.

Modern bullion American gold coins include the Eagle and Buffalo. The Eagle maintains the traditional 22 carat purity, whilst the Buffalo is produced in 24 carat gold to offer a purer alternative. The US Mint's bullion coins do not feature a mint mark.