Canadian Coins

Similar to Australia, Canadian coins relied heavily on the supply other countries for many years. The Royal Canadian Mint has been in operation since 1908 and now manufactures coins for Canada and other nations.

Below is our full selection of Canadian gold coins, including older historic coins, collectible proof issues, and modern bullion coins including the popular Maple Leaf series. All of our gold Canadian coins include fully insured delivery in the prices shown.

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Coins were in extremely short supply for the first two hundred years of Canada’s history. A number of French and English coins circulated until 1908, when the Ottawa Branch of the Royal Mint struck its first coin – a Gold Sovereign featuring a ‘C’ for Canada.

In 1979, the Royal Canadian Mint began production of gold Bullion, and are particularly famous for their Maple Leaf series of coins. The simple design, and high gold purity have made these coins a popular choice with investors around the world.

Older gold Canadian coins have a value in Canadian Dollars, and are typically struck in 900 fineness.