American Eagle

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American Silver Eagle Coins

Certified by the United States Mint, the sought-after American silver Eagle coin is the official US silver bullion coin. It has a face value of only one dollar, but contains one troy ounce of 999 pure silver, making it far more valuable.

After many years of discussion, the American silver Eagle was introduced in 1986 by the Reagan government as a means of reducing the national defence silver stockpile. Selling off the stockpile through a coin issue was done to minimise the impact on American silver producers and silver stock prices generally. It has proven extremely popular, and on occasions the mints have struggled to meet demand. In 2013 supplies were even rationed for eighteen months, while 2020/21 has proven another period of extreme demand and limited supply.

To date the American silver Eagle has been produced by three mints: the Philadelphia Mint, San Francisco Mint, and West Point Mint. The Silver Eagles are minted in three forms: Bullion, Proof and Uncirculated. The proofs and uncirculated coins carry a 'P', 'S' or 'W' on the reverse to denote where they were minted, but the bullion coins have no marks.

The Philadelphia mint struck nearly 7.5 million 1999 American Eagle Silver dollar proofs and uncirculated coins, which is the largest number since immediately after the launch in 1986. Despite the high number minted, the 1999 coin is a particularly sought after year for collectors.

There have also been various 'Special' issues in celebration of the mints anniversaries, and other landmarks in the Silver Eagle series.

Silver Eagle

The silver Eagle is a large coin with a diameter of 40.6 mm, making it slightly larger than a British silver Britannia. Uncirculated coins have a thickness of 2.98 mm and proofs 3.1 mm. All weigh one troy ounce and are composed of 99% silver, the remainder being copper.

The obverse side of the silver Eagle features the Walking Liberty design created by Adolph Weinman, which was originally used on the Half Dollar coins issued from 1916 to 1947. The design was part of strategy by President Theodore Roosevelt to improve the standards of American coinage.

The reverse features the heraldic American eagle behind a shield and was designed by John Mercanti, symbolising the nation's freedom, patriotism and national pride. A new Type II design was introduced in 2021 by artist Emily Damstra. It features an American bald eagle swooping into view with its wings raised behind its back and a large oak branch in its talons.


American Silver Eagle

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