Marvel Series

Marvel Comics have been one of the biggest comic book companies since 1939, and over the past decade has dominated the movie scene with its Avengers themed films. With some of the world’s most popular superheroes under its banner the Marvel brand, and its characters, are now a household name. In 2009 it was purchased by Disney and has gained market share under the new leadership.

The island nation of Tuvalu commissioned the Perth Mint in Australia to produce a one ounce Silver coin series based on a number of Marvel’s most popular characters. At a limited mintage of 50,000 per coin, and the high demand for Marvel in recent years, the coins are extremely collectable and rare.

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The Marvel Brand was originally printed under ‘Timely Publications’ and later as ‘Atlas Comics’. It wasn’t until 1961 that writer Stan Lee helped Marvel to relaunch the superhero comic genre for Marvel Comics, targeting an older audience with characters like the Amazing Spider-Man. The remainder of the twentieth century saw Marvel struggle with bankruptcy as comic books struggled to grow, and key staff members left for other companies. It wasn’t until the beginning of the current Avengers arc of films that Marvel saw huge success in bringing its characters to the big screen, beginning with Iron Man in 2008, and now growing to include all members of the Avengers.

The silver coin series has included some of the Marvel Comic’s most famous superheroes. Spiderman, Iron Man, Deadpool, Black Panther, Thor and Captain America have all been featured in blockbuster films recently, and should the series continue there are plenty of other popular Avengers to choose from.