Silver Myths & Legends

Below is our selection of silver coins in the new collectible series from The Royal Mint - Myths & Legends. Celebrating the myths and legends of Britain's storied history, these silver bullion coins are perfect for investors and collectors alike.

These Myths & Legends silver coins include free, fully insured shipping, and the series is also available in gold.

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Starting the Myths and Legends silver coin series, The Royal Mint have chosen Robin Hood for their first coin. As one of the most famous legendary figures in Britain's past, the skilled archer and defender of the poor has featured in multiple films, TV series and literature. The second coin in the series features Maid Marian, with the third coin confirmed to feature Little John. This will complete the mini-series of Robin Hood characters, and open the Myths & Legends series up to other avenues of British history.

The second set of three coins in the silver Myths & Legends series featured characters from the iconic King Arthur legends. This trio was King Arthur, the iconic wizard Merlin, and sorceress Morgan Le Fay.