Perth Mint Silver Lunar Series

The Perth Mint Lunar Series (I, II, and III) is based upon the 12-year Chinese Lunar Calendar, dating back to 2600BC. The series began 24 years ago in 1996, and 2020 marks the start of the third series issued by the Perth Mint.

These coins are struck from .9999 fine silver. The series are popular with both collectors and investors all over the world due to its fineness and are deemed by many as one of the most beautifully designed coins in the world (see also Perth Mint Gold Lunar Series). Prices shown include fully insured shipping.

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Lunar Silver Coins

Each Lunar silver coin design celebrates one of twelve animals associated with that specific lunar year in the Chinese calendar. Due to each coin being minted for a year only, and often in relatively limited numbers, they have become a popular collectible.

The Australian Lunar Series I began in 1996 (Year of the Mouse) and ended in 2007 (Year of the Pig).

Following the unexpected popularity of the initial series, Series II began in 2008 (Year of the Mouse) and shall continue until 2019 (Year of the Pig).

Australian Lunar Series 3

The Perth Mint Australian Lunar Series 3 is now underway and remains as popular as ever, showcasing the mint's quality in both designs and production standards. Series 3 started in 2020 and will continue each year until 2031. The Series III Lunar silver coins remain 9999 fineness, and feature a small P mintmark as a security feature.

The Lunar Series has been minted in various sizes across the years, from 1/20oz to 1kg (32.15oz). The image on the obverse side of the coins features Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, with a change expected for series III following Her Majesty's passing.