Silver Queen's Beasts

The Queen's Beasts series has been one of the most popular collections in recent years, adding a collectable touch to the bullion market. Representing the 10 heraldic statues which were present during Her Majesty's coronation in 1953, the silver Queen's Beasts coins are available in both 2oz and 10oz sizes. Each beast bore the badge of the family associated with the ancestry of Queen Elizabeth.

The series ran from 2016 until 2021, and have become a firm favourite among collectors around the world. Prices shown include fully insured shipping.

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Queen's Beasts Silver Coins

The Queen's Beasts silver coins total at 11 releases; 10 unique beasts, and one 'completer coin', for a series that has been well received by both investors and collectors alike. Each of the 2oz coins has a face value of £5, with 10oz versions also being released. With large numbers produced they also enjoy surprisingly low premiums for a semi-numismatic coin. This has helped make them a popular choice among investors, often looking for something bigger than the typical troy ounce coins produced by most mints.

Released Queen's Beasts Silver Coins

With the release of the Completer coin, the Queen's Beasts silver coins have now been completed, with older coins no longer in production. As such, these coins will become scarcer over time. For any products showing as out of stock, please use the stock notification system to set up a stock alert, which will email you as soon if we source any additional stock of these coins.