Chinese Panda

Buy 1oz silver Panda coins ideal for collectors and investors alike. The Chinese Gold Panda coins were first issued by the Chinese Mint in 1982 following the success of other international mints and the increasing global interests from both collectors and investors in bullion coins.

The Chinese silver Panda coins are a popular coin manufactured by the China Mint. Struck in 99.9% fine silver, Chinese Pandas are legal tender in People's Republic of China, and are issued in 5 denominations. Prices include FREE insured shipping.

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Silver Panda Coins

From 2016, to suit the international appeal of the coins, the old troy ounce weight system was replaced by a metric system of grams, a system widely used in the People Republic of China. As such, the silver Panda coins are now issued in 30 gram weights, setting them apart from the vast majority of other official national bullion coins.

The central feature of the Panda as the most famous animal of the People's Republic of China and together with its affectionate characteristics, remains consistent throughout the years. The obverse side shows part of the famous Tiantán, also called the "Temple of Heaven". The pagoda is synonymous with traditional Chinese architecture.

As the design of the silver Panda coins changes each year, they are a popular choice for collectors looking for each year's design. They also make a wonderful gift for fans of these charming creatures.