South African Coins

The Republic of South Africa has existed in its current form since gaining independence from Great Britain in 1931. A culturally diverse country, South Africa is home to multiple languages and religions, but racial, political and economic turmoil has been a key issue for the country over the past century.

The Rand was introduced in 1961 following the change to decimal coinage and a move away from the pound, but there are Pond (Pound) coins issued many years before - with some even from before the Union of South Africa in 1909/1910.

Below is our selection of South African gold coins, including these older gold currency coins, proof collectables, to modern bullion releases like the classic Krugerrand. All prices shown include fully insured delivery.

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One of the oldest places in which human history can be traced, South Africa has the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the ‘Cradle of Humankind.’ As European powers expanded South Africa was first colonised by the Dutch in the 1600’s, and by the British in 1795. Over the course of the next century the Zulu and Boer Wars were fought over territory in South Africa.

There are two mints in South Africa: The Rand Refinery and the South African Mint. By law only the South African Mint is allowed to produce legal tender, but the gold is supplied to them by the Rand Refinery. Gold South African coins vary from the older Pond (pound) coins, to more recent commemorative coins.

The Krugerrand was the first modern bullion ounce coin intended for investment, and at one time was the most popular bullion coin in the world. The design remains popular today, and Krugerrands are often sold at low premiums, making them a great choice for investment.